System not able to verify commands

Everything seems to work fine remotely thru the iOS app except arming the system. When I try to arm the icon flashes on the app for several minutes. When I get out of the app and back in it says unable to verify if system armed… Everything else lights and garage doors work fine.

Does the system actually arm? Is the app just not receiving the confirmation? We are only seeing successful acknowledged arming commands on your account, all acknowledged quickly.

The panel does seem arm or disarm but the app will not show it until later 15-30 minutes and only after I close and reopen the app.

There will be a longer delay to receive confirmation of arming, but that should still be measured in seconds, not minutes.

Signalling on the account looks fairly strong.

Liftmaster communicates via your internet, so its latency isn’t really comparable to the arming command unless you are using the GoBridge.

Do you see the same delay in confirmation when arming from an internet browser?

tried disarm from website it took about 3 minutes then displayed this message “We are still waiting for confirmation from your system that the arming command was received. Please check this page again in a few minutes.”
currently still shows armed

I’d like to send a reboot command to the panel. Is that alright? Then I would have you test the arming commands again.

That is fine. let me know when to retry

Any change in the confirmation time?

Seems to be better Jason. Thanks