System Manager Not Loading

When I try to load the System Manager, it shows some information about my panel at the top, then below it says “We are gathering your account details, just a moment!” with a big spinner. Unfortunately, it then never loads… I’ve tried refreshing a few times, and waiting for about five minutes.

I am not seeing any overall issues loading on our end. Can you confirm if this is still occurring for you now?

Yes, this was still occurring when I got your reply.

I think I found the issue though: my panel was turned off (haven’t had a chance to permanently install it yet), so I turned it back on, and a few minutes later the System Manager started loading.

Seems like this may be a bug? Ideally it would either work with the panel offline, or at least give some message to indicate you can’t access that page until its back online.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Normally that shouldn’t be the case, but I will have our team look into this to resolve.