System Help

I am having a few issues I would like help working through.

  1. Programming a new keyfob.
  2. System shows tampering with 2 smoke detectors (new units).
  3. Every time we have a power outage/surge, we get low battery alerts. This sometimes triggers the alarm.
  1. See the following video for step-by-step instructions.
  1. Sensor Tamper alerts are generated by the tamper switch inside the sensor. This is to indicate when the sensor has been removed from its base plate or its cover has been removed. Be certain that you have closed the sensor fully and aligned the raised markings on the edge of both the sensor and its backplate in the case of the SMKT3-345 Smoke detector. Refer to the sensor manual if you are uncertain how the sensor closes. This will also detail the tamper switch location, which can be inspected for damage.

  2. The back-up battery pack in the 2Gig Go!Control panel is designed to sustain the system for 24 hours of power loss. Extended outages will always result in the battery reporting as low as it drains further. The battery will recharge after power has been reapplied. Constant extended outages can certainly impact the life of the battery pack, however, so if you notice that the back-up battery does not last 24 hours before full system shut-down you will likely want to replace the battery pack.

If using a takeover module and existing wired sensors, if you have powered detectors like glass breaks or motion detectors that are wired and do not have a battery back-up (typically in the form of the old alarm panel box and its battery circuit) this could cause false alarms upon power loss.