System actions to watch notification- power outage.

I have a notification called system actions to watch which I think may be an out of the box one. It’s set to notify if power outage and power restore. The power went out several times here from storms last night and I never got a notification. I know the power went out and not just a flash because the times on all appliances were flashing and my internet went out for a while. attracted is a screenshot of the notification with those checked.

if the panel in question is 2GIG GoControl

Check Q38 to see what detect AC loss is set for. default is 10 min. If power was out at any time for more than 10 min prior to restoral, then check your panel History.

Q39 is random report for AC loss, and can be up to 45 min. default is enabled.

Both of the settings above will determine when and if you receive power loss and power restoral notifications. It is also dependent on cellular and/or broadband bridge connectivity.

It looks like your Q38 is set to 10 min so the power would have to be out for more than 10 min straight to trigger a notification. You can set it to something lower if you want to be more aggressive with the power outage notification.

Thanks I changed 38 to 1.