Switching to suretyDIY

I have been with (my current security provider) for about three years and want to make a switch. I currently have the GE Simon XTI, but want to change over to the 2GIG GC3. Can you let me know if you can help with that change and also take over monitoring.

Welcome to the suretyDIY forum!

The 2GIG GC3 Panel along with either an AT&T or Verizon Cellular Module may be purchased from us. We recommend using this Coverage Check Tool to help choose the best Cellular Module for your area.

Switching from Simon XTi to 2GIG GC3 is certainly possible but will require a wireless translator.

Simon XTi utilizes the GE 319.5 Mhz wireless protocol and the 2GIG GC3 uses the Honeywell 345 Mhz wireless protocol so for Wireless Sensors you would need a Wireless Translator like the Resolution Products Universal Repeater, Translator (RE524X) to convert the 319.5 Mhz signal to the 345Mhz signal.

Please note, the translator will not work with life safety devices. If currently using either wireless life safety devices you will need to obtain new ones that utilize the 345Mhz frequency.

How difficult is the set up with the new equipment?

If you’re security knowledgeable, handy with tools and electronics, or you have the time I wouldn’t say what you are looking to do would be overly complicated.

Provided the location has good signalling, You would likely mount the new panel where your old one is. You would want to ensure that you use the 2GIG panel’s power supply to ensure proper voltage (not doing so could damage the system) but you should be able to re-use the existing wiring (provided its in good condition) which will save you time/suffering as it is likely run through the wall already.

Mounting the Wireless Translator is pretty straight forward as well. Although, you may need to try a few mounting locations to ensure the proper RF Signal Strength to the panel. Here are the Installation Instructions for the RE 524X should you wish to take a look.

Overall, I’d say its enough to get your feet wet but not terribly daunting.