Switching to suretyDIY with Qolsys

I’m interested in signing up for your services. I currently have a QolSys IQ panel. I do not have cell coverage in my area but I do have broadband wifi. My panel shows dual-path capability…will it talk to alarm.com over just wifi?
Thanks for any help!

All Alarm.com accounts require a cellular module, and the initial setup occurs through the cell module and cellular commands. Once setup is complete, technically yes, dual path is concurrent backup and all signals would be sent via both cell and internet, so if only internet works, you’ll still have communication. This page goes over how to get started with an existing Qolsys Panel.

However, note that the cell module cannot be removed from the account, image sensor images are only sent via cellular, two way voice would be unavailable, and there would be error alerts regarding cellular signal.

Note that machine to machine coverage does not always correlate with phone coverage, and it would be best to check if coverage is available using this coverage check tool first to determine cellular availability.