Switching to suretyDIY with 2GIG


I came across your website and I am interested since my contract ends soon with my current provider. However, I am a little confused. I have a 2GIG system, but on your site it says “Keep in mind that as of 2015, new Alarm.com accounts cannot be set up with a 2G communications module. This is due to cell carriers phasing out the service.” What exactly do you mean by this?


Hello and welcome to suretyDIY!

Switching is super easy, especially since you already have a 2GIG set-up! This page will give you a run down of all the basics!

There are no problems providing service in your area, the only thing you will need to check is to ensure that your cell module is compatible with service.

Your current service provider may lock your cell module after your contract ends, to be sure contact your service provider to find out if this is their policy. If not you will want to locate your cell module number. Here is a video to show you how to do that. Once you find that number, plug it in here to see if you can use this cellular module with our service.

2G cellular modules are being phased out by the carriers themselves so new accounts cannot use them. This is a limitation directly from Alarm.com. You can purchase a 3G module with either Verizon or AT&T as the cell provider, should you need to do so. Here is a coverage check tool to see which of the two provides the best coverage in your area. Keep in mind that Machine to Machine is different from normal cell phone use so coverage may be different.

Once you have figured out if you need a new cellular module or not, take a look at our service packages here. You can get them with, or without, Central Station Monitoring. Keep in mind if you want to utilize z-wave devices with alarm.com home automation features, you will need to sign up for the Gold Interactive package.