Switching to GC3


I just purchased a house with an ADT Pulse alarm panel and I’m hoping to purchase a 2gig GC3 from suretydiy to replace it and use with my existing sensors. Are the sensors generic in that I will be able to program them to the GC3?

The alarm panel i have looks to be this one: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/L98WhheNIPU/maxresdefault.jpg

Let me know if switching would be this easy or if I would also need to invest in new door/window/motion sensors.



Judging by the pic in the link and a little Google-Fu, that appears to be a LynxPlus made by Honeywell.

If that is indeed the model you have, the Honeywell sensors that came with a setup like this are most likely 5800 Series Sensors that work on the 345Mhz frequency. In that case you should be able to use your existing Honeywell sensors with the GC3.