Switching from Simon XT

I need to know if its possible to use my old GE wireless door/window sensors/glass break/smoke detectors on the Qolsys IQ QS-9004-VRZ looking to upgrade from my old Simon XT panel and already a number of z-wave devices installed. Specifically, does the Qolsys panel work with these parts:

GE 60-688-95 NX-454 - Door/Window Sensor
GE 60-807-95R - Motion Detector
GE 60-873-95 - Glass break sensor

All Qolsys panels serial QSN(E) and above (where E is the defining letter) should be compatible with all GE wireless sensors. This is the new serial run as of two months ago. Panels prior to this have incompatibility with a few sensors (I know of one shock sensor that was incompatible and I believe a couple more.)

Swapping a Simon XT for a Qolsys panel should be a fairly painless procedure.