Switch Not Showing

Removed “garage lights”, replaced the switch with a new one, added it as “garage lights”.

The removal worked and it was removed from ADC. The added is not showing.

It functions off the panel just fine and I ran a cell test to try to force a sync. No luck.

Logging out and back in to ADC has always done the trick for me.

Never has worked for me. Not this time or any other.

I went ahead and removed and readded it, that worked. Not sure the problem, I have had sync issues in the past and since it is the weekend I figured I would remove and add and see if it worked.

You can also visit the system manager here and there is a tool there to manually sync your Z-wave device list with Alarm.com.

Z-wave device additions do see delays in when the panel successfully syncs changes with Alarm.com at times, so you can use that tool to force the sync if necessary.

Sweet! I did not know that existed. Way better than removing and readding.