switch control outlet

Is is possible to chain z-wave devices such as having a z-wave switch trigger turning on a z-wave outlet?
This seems like something that should be possible. Have a large room with one switch that controls a lamp nearby, I have another lamp on other side of room I’d like to turn on with the same switch. Seems like I should be able to convert the switch to a z-wave switch and have the outlet for second lamp plugged into a z-wave outlet then create a rule that when switch is turned on just turn on the outlet as well and vice versa.
I have a qolsys system if that helps.

Currently, no it is not available as an automation option due to the Lutron light status patent which has patented “wireless transmission of status” when the light is turned on or off.

Only a few Alarm.com compatible panels can effectively see the status of a light with a separate work-around, and it is not immediate and not initiated by the light, but by request from the panel.