Suretycam now suretydiy

Hello, I’m just curious I noticed defaults to suretydiy only now? Does this mean there was a name change of the company, also the window and yard signs now read Suretydiy security and automation “always connected” and no phone number to display for intruders , I was just wondering?

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Is suretycam now suretydiy? The yard signs have changed they no longer say suretycam, and the phone number is deleted? From sign ,just wondering

Thank you

I hope that isn’t true (signage name change). SuretyCAM is much more professional sounding, wheras SuretyDIY on the yard signs just screams “not professional, amateur”

DIY is awesome, But I don’t want it advertised on my security system. When the average person (or burglar) thinks “Do it yourself” half ass junk comes to mind (iris, Simplisafe, Lifeshield).

first thing I hear when people see the sign is “you have cameras?” the “eyeball” and “CAM” is a deterrent. You take that way, might as well get the $5 signs from lowes.

Unfortunately riven it is true , I e-mailed suretydiy aka suretycam, I preferred the old signs myself. Apparently now when you go to suretycam it defaults to suretydiy, where as before it was seperate, is there any way I can get the older version of the signs? Otherwise now as you have said I’m better off with iris , etc displayed I haven’t thought of it that way

Thank you for the feedback.

It’s not such a clear cut issue. We’ve received more feedback from people who prefer the name suretyDIY over suretyCAM. In fact, we’ve received a lot of negative feedback about the name suretyCAM. Many have told me they find it confusing and weird sounding. suretyDIY is the website that everyone goes to and it’s the brand that more people are familiar with.

I don’t want to speculate on what the average burglar thinks about DIY vs company-installed but in my opinion DIY security systems these days tend to be larger (more sensors) and better maintained (because the installer uses it every day) than company-installed security systems.

We appreciate the feedback and will take it into account the next time we print up new yard signs and window stickers.

Thank you Ryan,
I am displaying suretydiy, the way you have explained it makes even more sense , nowadays people preference diy and yes suretydiy is more familiar, I was just curious about the change but if you have received negative feedback about suretycam , I understand the need for the change !!!


burglars actually checkout the signage that is widely unknown. if the name is changed, numbers no good, website URL redirects/gone, or company is simply no more, you become a target. (they equate with failure to update a yard sign a fake system/ not monitored)

I see this a lot with Brinks Home security signage, for example.

Since Surety isn’t well known outside OH, it gets checked (a lot).

By changing the name, phone numbers, etc you are putting a bullseye on a lot of houses Is my opinion. All those customers Are gonna need new signage.

the theory goes…If a home has current and active service, then their yard sign would be current, not have a different name, not have dead numbers or URLs…

We don’t have a dead URL or phone number. just takes you to the more popular website that people want to visit now. I think people can make the connection based on the similarity of the names that it’s the same company. It’s more aligned with our service this way. If we have to make a change it’s better sooner than later.

I have to agree with the OP and riven here. SuretyDIY branding makes sense perhaps to the purchaser of the system but the yard sign is as much of a warning to miscreants as it is advertising. If the URL and phone number are still good, the old style sign is much more of a deterrent to the passing scumbag than anything with DIY in the name.

Canary, Iris, Simplisafe, Nestcam…that’s what I think of when someone says DIY to me. I surely wouldn’t want to put a Nestcam yard sign up, that’s an invitation to get away with anything because it’s clear there’s no response coming but some poor schmuck got a text.

Just my $0.02 but I know a little about marketing.

DIY is fine for a division, forum and store… but revamping the suretyCAM Security and Automation brand into SuretyDIY I think is a mistake. I personally will go without a yard sign before I put a DIY branded one in my yard.

That’s just me. (name perception was a big reason I steered clear of companies like “” back in 2012) I am not trying to draw unwanted attention to my home, even the erroneous idea that I may have a subpar system protecting it is something I want to nip in the butt, and discourage.

“Do it Yourself home security” has the perception of being less than professional grade security (especially considering 99% of security system home owners are completely oblivious of how their system works, and cant even so much as figure out how to change their own batteries…go visit the Vivint Facebook page if you don’t believe that is true. An opportunist looking for a quick score will do a double take if he sees a DIY security sign amongst ADT and Vivint ones. personally, I would rather avoid having my door kicked in, or low e double pane window shattered because they think I have some 0ff the shelf, texting noise maker Big Lots special system protecting my home).

Why not do a poll, see what your customers want?