Support of the Powerseries NEO

Hey Guys I was wanting to see if u all support the Powerseries NEO Thinking about switching away from the iq panel going to more powerful and Reliable Panel since i already have Powerg devices just not sure if you all can help when it comes to any programming issue i might run in too with that panel

They do. That’s what I have.

Do u like the Dsc neo system

We are able to provide service and support for all current compatible systems, except for the Iotega alarm panel (as it is not DIY compatible).

Yes. Overall I’m quite happy with it. Much better than the old adt system it replaced.

I’m thinking about switching away from iq panel to. More top line system

I’ll bite— what features would you get with the NEO system? It looks pretty modular (read expensive) and was originally intended as a hardwired system?