Supervision error

I’ve got a loss of sensor supervision error on my back door sensor. It’s a clear shot to the panel so no interference issues. Do I need to order a new sensor?

Is the sensor currently functioning otherwise? Does it report open and close?

How long has it been since a battery replacement for this sensor occurred? Most sensors won’t require a battery replacement for 3 years, but it depends on how much the sensor is used.

It does not report open or closed. I think it could be a battery issue…will try that first. Also it was off the door in a bag with another sensor (side door) while painting was being done. Don’t know if interacting with other sensors like that could impact it, ala credit cards getting demagnetized.

Unless the reed switch or board was damaged, and you would have to be a bit rough with it, it shouldn’t be an issue related to it being off the door for a while.

Did you make sure to line up the ridges on the side of the sensor casing with the magnet?

Battery is the first thing I would try however.

Just replaced battery. Still no luck. Will call Monday to order a new sensor. Thanks!