Sunset Automations

I have a bug in my system that has been “bugging” me for awhile. All of schedule based sunset/sunrise automations work fine, but all of my automations that use “Only After Sunset” will activate at least an hour or more before sunset. I’m not sure how to fix this. In schedules you can fine tune the start time with a plus or minus from sunset, but in the automations tab that isn’t an option. It seems like a time zone issue, but is it possible that my schedules have the correct time zone, but automations do not? Any information anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

It is certainly possible that some rules have an issue where others don’t, but I can’t say a specific cause and I wouldn’t expect time-zone to be different, however it may also have to do with daylight savings if it is always an hour roughly before.

Just in case I have sent some commands to refresh location and time data for the panel.

If that does not resolve the issue, the next step to try would be to delete the problematic rules, wait 10 minutes or so, then recreate those rules. Does the behavior continue after or does this resolve the problem?


The “automations” still activate significantly earlier than “schedules” based on tests I did yesterday evening. I went ahead and deleted all the automations and rebuilt them and will test again tonight and advise. From a backend architecture issue, do we know why those triggers could be different? It would appear to me that they are built differently since “schedules” permit adjusting the sunset/sunrise timers with a pull down menu and the “automations” “only after sunset” is only a radio button without any ability to adjust it one way or the other. That being said I’ve found the “schedules” “sunset I’ve found to be very accurate while the “automations” only after sunset I’ve found to be very early. Thank you again for aiding in trying to fix this annoying little bug.


Adam Rosenberg

From a backend architecture issue, do we know why those triggers could be different?

No, this is not something that would be shared. Presumably the same data would drive both, but as one is a schedule and the other is a conditional for a rule, there may be a bug affecting one and not the other.

Let us know if the delete and recreation of rules helps resolve this issue.

If not can you provide some time stamp examples and which rule it applies to for when automation rules activate outside of the expected time frame?


Here is the latest. Last night I did a full deletion and rebuild of all the automation rules that have only after sunset as a trigger. The official sunset time in my location as listed on the iPhone wx app for my city is 2041 for 23JUN. I began testing an automation by opening a couple of doors nearly every minute starting at 2000 and the automation triggered at 2015 which is 26 minutes earlier than official sunset and not desirable behavior for this automation as there is no need for these lights to trigger earlier than sunset. I’ll continue testing tomorrow to see if it follows an exact 26 minute difference from official sunset or if it stays at 2015.

Thank you for that testing and specificity, if you can identify a pattern that should give ADC the best chance at identifying the problem quickly.