Sudden Malfunction on Scheduled Lights/Shades

As of a day ago, when my schedules run that turn on Lutron Lights and Shades, I get a notification for each one in the schedule that there was a malfunction and a notification that the device is offline.

Example: Malfunction (Arcade Terrace Lights) indicates that this device is unable to send signals to your security panel. Automation rules and commands to control this device may not work. Then, I receive an “Offline notification” for every device that was to run in that schedule.

If I go into either ADC or Lutron, and turn that light or shade on/off, it shows as online, works perfectly, and I immediately get a “Device is back online” notification.

Also, it appears that the schedule is working properly as well. Let me know what steps to resolve. Thanks.

Also, it appears that the schedule is working properly as well.

Ok, so the schedule actually works as expected and the lights turn on/off, the issue is that ADC shows a malfunction when one shouldn’t be present (each schedule activation)?

Sounds like ADC may no longer be getting the data they expect in response to scheduled actions perhaps from Lutron. We will report the behavior.

This occurs every time a schedule runs? Does it ever not occur when a schedule runs?

How many schedules have run in that time?

Your recap is correct.

In the evening, I have a bunch of exterior lights come on at Sunset. When this occurs, all the lights in that schedule show a malfunction of offline. I cant recall if the second part of the schedule where these lights turn off at 10:30pm bring them back online. I can report back after checking this evening.

This am, I have a few lights turn off on the schedule at a certain time and it showed them as being offline as well.

It’s weird that in the ADC app and Lutron, none show as offline, they function fine, and using the app or Lutron bring them back online. Everything was functioning normal for months without any changes this started happening.

Yeah, my guess is that ADC is using an API from Lutron and they are basing that offline status off of either a negative response or lack of response from Lutron when executing rules and commands. Something in the way Lutron acknowledges the schedules may have changed and something ADC is looking for isn’t there. That is speculation, but seems likely if the devices are otherwise communicating fine and ADC can still control them.

I will let ADC know what you report and see if there are other reports of similar behavior. I’d like to have a few more examples of this happening though. It will make it easier to escalate.

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Just wanted to post a follow up on this. I contacted Lutron support that looked at the logs.

They found an abnormal amount of HomeKit Accessory Protocol (HAP) connections being made to the Lutron Homeworks QSX processor. The excessive traffic was slowing the processor down - causing such a delay that it would show offline but the function would still work eventually.

I was adding a SmartLife garage switch to HomeKit and HomeKit found Lutron on the network and I said add - yet I never set anything up, devices, etc. Apparently, the haphazard setup was essentially causing a DDOS attack on the processor unbeknownst to me.

After removing Lutron from HomeKit and also doing the 40 second reset on the processor to remove HomeKit, the issue appears to have resolved.

I don’t use HomeKit, so not sure if I was supposed to initially setup in Lutron App first, pass credentials, etc, then add to HomeKit, or if Apple Homekit floods the network and it’s a known issue, etc. Anyway, thought I’d post in case someone runs into a similar issue. Thanks.

Glad to hear they were able to identify that. Thank you for following up and describing the issue!