Special window sensor rule

Greetings on the “13th”

I would like to create a rule for my Alarm.com 2gig system:
When my system is Armed, I would like a window open/close sensor to be active. If the door is opened, the alarm activates, with a delay. If the system is not armed, the sensor stays in an off position.
Reason: I have a screen door that I would like to leave on, for air movement. My main door has a connected door lock.



To clarify, you mention both a door and a window, are you referring to two different sensors or just one?

Based on what you are describing it sounds like you just want a standard perimeter sensor.

A sensor programmed as (3) Perimeter will trigger an alarm whenever opened while the system is armed. It requires the system to be armed in order to generate an alarm.

You would then enable Dialer Delay for that sensor which allows the siren to locally sound immediately but delays the signal to the CS.

Alternatively if you want an entry delay before the sensor would trigger a siren locally, you would want to use sensor type (1) Entry Exit.