Sound controls

I just bought a house that already had the 2GIG installed. I would like to turn the charm controls off when my husband is sleeping as the charm sounds in our bedroom. I don’t have the access code. Can you give that to me or give me a new code?
Thank you

We could only provide the default master code of 1111 for any system that is not connected to suretyDIY as the service provider. To clarify, suretyDIY is one of thousands of dealers who use 2GIG equipment.

Additionally we do not maintain user codes and for account security cannot provide user codes for subscriber’s alarm systems. suretyDIY users maintain their own user codes and access.

In general though if you have moved into a home with an existing 2GIG Panel, there are a couple options to try to resolve this issue:

Do you have access to disarming the panel? Are you using it in any way? If not you could simply power the panel down by finding its transformer (looks like this) and unplugging the internal battery.

You could otherwise try to factory default the panel to gain access to the default master code of 1111, but note that this feature may have been locked by the installer.

Lastly you could gain access via an service provider such as suretyDIY. 2GIG Panels that connect to our service are unlocked and the installer code is defaulted giving you access to change the panel programming to your desire. The steps to get started with an existing 2GIG Panel can be found here.