Someone Trying to Access Account

Someone please call me I believe someone is trying to hack into my account.

suretyDIY support is handled online or through email and our secure message system, and this is our tech support forum, where we are happy to assist!

Looking at the account, it looks like there have been 5 password reset email requests, but the password has not been changed. Have you noticed other behavior or are these emails what you have noticed?

All of the requests stem from the same IP address. Just to be sure, can you verify that no one who would otherwise have access has made these requests?

If this is not the action of someone who should have access, the first thing to do is make sure to change your username, as this would be what is being used to generate the password retrieval emails sent to you. Here is the page which provides login assistance, and where the emails would be generated from.

You can change your username by logging into, navigating to the profile tab, and clicking “Login Name” on the left-hand nav tree.