Some advice on system design please

I am designing a diy 2gig and had a few questions:

  1. Do you off the 2gig-pad1 as i cannot seem to find it on the website
  2. I have 2 front doors with very large glass panels in them. I am thinking of using the window w/glass sensor unit instead of a door sensor. Would that work?
  3. I plan on installing 1 control unit in basement and 2 TS1’s (downstairs and upstairs) I assume I need the TS1-E for both correct?
  4. Do you offer any ecllular antennas? We have weak 3g service in our area?

Thanks for your help

  1. We have the 2GIG-PAD1-345. We usually recommend against using it and apparently it was even hidden on our store for that reason. I made it visible and added a clear warning in case you’d like to order one.
  1. The combined shock sensor window contact can easily work on a door if the glass is within a few inches of the edge of the door. Otherwise you would have to lengthen the wires a little to make it work. The shock sensor we use is a GE/Sentrol 5150-W so make sure your window meets the specifications for that sensor.
  1. You would need the 2GIG-TS1-E for both and you would also need a 2GIG-XCVR2-345 for the main control panel. If you have weak cellular in your area then you might consider putting the main control panel upstairs instead of in the basement.

  1. We do have additional antennas but I recommend trying the one that comes in the panel first as it often works just fine. We even have an active cellular booster for extreme cases but we rarely need to use it. It’s not currently listed on our DIY store but we could add it if really needed.

These are now available to help increase signal strength.