Smoke & CO System?

I want a smoke and CO only system, and the 2GIG looks like one of the few wireless solutions available. What do you recommend?

The answer depends on your needs. Is this for a commercial or residential location? Do you have existing interconnected AC smoke detectors?

If interconnected AC smokes are at your location, the firefighter audio detector makes use of all of them with one device.

The SMKT3-345 is a combined smoke/fixed heat/freeze detector which uses three wireless zones on your panel and separately reports these functions. The detector has a built in sounder in addition to sounding main alarm panel.

The 2Gig CO Detector, the CO3-345 also has a built in sounder in addition to tripping the main alarm panel.

Life safety devices trigger the 2Gig Control alarm regardless of arming state.

This is residential, new install, existing wireless detectors which will be replaced.
I am looking for a highly reliable system that allows for central alarm and silencing and professional monitoring. service through suretyDIY can also be monitored by our central station 24/7. suretyDIY is a member and owner of the Monitoring America central station. This post may be a good place to get an in depth description of our monitoring.

What have you seen in regards to reliability with the 2Gig smoke and CO detectors? False alarms seem top be a problem with many units out there.

False alarms are overwhelmingly caused by environmental reasons. We see a very low percentage of malfunctions otherwise. Keep in mind that signalling between life safety devices and the 2Gig panel cannot be improved by use of a repeater, so in a very large home you may need to strategically place your panel.

You will want to consider the locations you are looking to cover and use the sensor’s included installation guidelines.

I’ll call and get specific equipment recommendations

If you have questions about specific devices, capabilities, or installation instruction, you will want to ask here on our support forum. This is the direct outlet to technicians to be able to help.

I need help picking out what equipment to buy
Have a two story house and want full smoke and CO coverage
Are you saying that no phone support is available?

Correct. Our forum gives those who want to do Do-It-Themselves free access to advice and support from our technicians.

If you are not sure where to install the smokes and CO devices, see this thread and diagram:

How and where to install heat/smoke detectors (Honeywell 5808W3/2GIG-SMKT2/2GIG-SMKT3):

How and where to install CO detectors (2GIG-CO3):

As for obtaining the sensors, bet bets are,, eBay, or amazon… Pick your flavor.

Personally I am all about fire protection, and I am a NICET level II (inspections and testing of water based fire protection systems) certified technician.


Other details would be how to place the panel in the house, and what to use for the annunciator.

The panel is per manufacturer, recommended center of home.
Use 18/2 or 18/4 unshielded wire for panel and TS1’s.

All programming/install guides can be found on

As for annunciator…there is the PAD1, and the TS1 (the TS1 provides same functionality as main panel). The panel supports up to 4 keypads/touchpads.

If you want true annunicator functionality, then go TS1 at entries.

Keypad (2GIG-PAD1):

Touchscreen keypad with siren (2GIG-TS1):