SMKT3 Low Temperature Notification

I don’t have any cold temp detectors please turn off or mute any cold weather or freeze alarms that get sent to the panel

Records indicate that your setup currently utilizes 3 2GIG SMKT3 Smoke Alarms. Each of these is set up to detect low temperature. The Basement Smoke is reporting a low temperature warning. This will trigger when the device detects temperatures 40 degrees or lower for a period of time.

If you would like to get rid of that zone, you can do so via System configuration. From the main panel, click the logo on the lower right hand corner and enter your installer code, then navigate to System configuration. Scroll right to the desired zone (12-Basement Freeze Detector) Click the down arrow to select RF sensor type and left scroll to (00) Unused. Then click Next, Skip, End and exit saving changes.