Smash panel protection

I reviewed a comparison between this system, ADT and Vivint. I really want to install the system myself and being that it is a new vacant house I have time for an initial design process. Regarding the smash protection of this system, can you please explain how does that work? Having the GSM module in the panel and in case the panel is destroyed, how would that communicate with the monitoring center? Should I install the panel in a hidden location? Or what else should I be considering?

In regards to specifics behind crash and smash protection, Ryan Boder wrote this article:

Installing the control panel in a hidden location is more secure than not installing it in a hidden location but the question is whether it’s worth it to you. Crash and smash protection is designed to detect a crash and smash attack even when the main control panel is out in the open. If you’re willing to spend the money to have the main control panel hidden and a secondary touch screen out in the open then your system will detect the break in and send the alarm signal about a minute sooner. Either way the break in gets detected and the police get called.