Smart away with schedule off

Question - on thermostats via - if Schedules are off, does smart away still lower the temp? Can it be set that way?

If not do I just set a schedule where there is one temp all the time… then adjust the thermostat manually to what I want. When this occurs though, every time I leave and return it will jump back to the single temp right?

Basically what I’m hoping to achieve is to be able to use the thermostat manually… but when I arm or leave the geofence to have the temp drop to a specific level. Thoughts on best way to do this?


The schedule would need to be active. Smart away is built into the scheduling as an override set temperature. What you could do is set your schedule to just have 2 different settings: One spanning the whole day where you can then adjust and manually change the set point to your whim, with smart away kicking in when intended, and the other spanning the time you would be asleep.

Your schedule will only auto-adjust temp at a scheduled change or smart away override, so you could manipulate it otherwise as you wish.

Thanks Jason - was afraid of that. If you would - submit a request to ADC to add this as a feature. It should be super simple - if armed, set temp to x. On disarm or entry into geofence (even better) resume temp previously set. All the values are there - should be a layup for developers.

I will do so. I think it might be a touch more complicated than that though, since currently the rules are executed either by a set temp value (for example, at 6pm change to 70 degrees) and by a flat value difference (for example, door is left open, current set point of 68, left open override of 4 degrees kicks in, changes to 72.)

There is no “memory” involved, whereas if the schedule is not active, storing the temp set point prior to the flat value override (change to 70) would be needed and would likely require a bit of reworking the rules system.