Skybell HD motion sensitivity issue

I officially got the new hardware panels up and running, paired to all old devices and service started with Surety. I am however having issues with the Skybell HD for ADC. While it is working, it is taking a clip about every 7-9min for no reason at all. It is about 2yrs old, and looks to have been doing this on the previous ADC account well. I have sensitivity at it’s lowest setting. The firmware version is 1141. Anything else to try or do… or is it just time for replacement?

Historically ADC has been able to send beta firmware which may help resolve extraneous PIR recordings. Would you like me to have ADC send a newer Beta version to test?

Yes please.

Unfortunately I have to report that after speaking with quite a few reps I have gotten some info on the Skybell HD firmware. They are no longer sending the beta firmware versions as there have been separate issues found in them, and the last stable release from Skybell that is approved through ADC is the 1141 version.

It appears that it has been found that the PIR hardware may be causing the issue, and software tweaks are trying to troubleshoot that, but do not work in all cases.

We anticipate a new supported doorbell camera model soon, but do not have a release date yet. Currently the other supported models are the ADC VDB105/106