Skybell HD Firmware 1154

I see a newer Firmware was released. I’m at 1141 right now and 1154 has been released. Does anyone know what is being addressed or changed in the new release?

Is there a resource for viewing firmware release history and addressed issues/bugs?

The firmware update includes stability improvements for clip uploads and system stability improvements for doorbell cameras operating in cold climates.

Aside from that, there is no resource for full release notes/history available.

I’m having a strange issue where the ADC dashboard started showing 1154 as the most current firmware, I clicked to upgrade, it got to 99% and then the screen refreshed. When the screen came back the “Most current firmware version” and “current firmware” were back to 1141. I’ve tried power cycling the Skybell, clearing the cache on my browser and multiple presses of the update button next to the firmware version but nothing has worked…

1141 is still listed as the latest firmware for users when I checked this morning. If you previously saw 1154 as the most current version, it looks like the version may have been listed for a short time but pulled. There may be an issue with its application. We will check with ADC to see if there is any official problem reports on it.

Per, version 1141 is the most recent SkyBell HD firmware.