Skybell Chime constant movement.

Installed my skybell, but now its like a constant chime signal is being pushed. The mechanical chime arm is in constant motion, tried several things to remedy to no avail. Its not pushing enough for it to hit the metal/to chime. But the metal peice is constantly moving fast up and down? Trying to figure out a solution. Picture if my install attached.

Looks like the photo was too large. Can you resize and post?

What model of chime and what power supply are you using?

Its hard-wired, just replacing the old wired doorbell. Ref. Pictures. Also the movement starts once skybell is mounted, not before (glitch?). Thinking maybe its my chime is not compatible/to sensitive to signal?

Attached images again; also links to onedrive images;!AtTjwmtDQAb55RQfJFm7uZmfqm-j!AtTjwmtDQAb55RNiTAUehAl6gPH7

What is the voltage of the power supply for the chime?

Support said its my transformer, going to replace and see if it fixes it.