Silent burglary

Just was wondering if glass break , door sensors and motions can be programmed as silent burglary zones, how does the central station treat this type of alarm trip? Will they come over the 2 way? Will they verify first , then dispatch? Or do they immediately dispatch like a panic or duress ? Would it be worth having this setup? The company sonitrol strongly believes in silent alarms so the police can catch the criminals in the act! Would this set up work similar to that?

Thank you for your imput

silents are treated like duress events.

no 2way call, no premise phone call. immediate dispatch.

i have my police panic programmed as silent.

Thanks Rive, will they listen in though to verify break in? Or just dispatch? I know duress they will listen in

Given the rarity of Silent Burglary as the zone type, it would be handled as a normal burglary by default. Special instructions can be set to handle it differently.

For example, we could simply listen in on 2-way instead of attempt communication, contact list could be notified after dispatch, etc.

If you would like special instructions added for a zone, please contact

Also, don’t confuse Silent Burglary and Silent Panic. They produce different signals. Silent Panic will be immediate dispatch regardless of arming status, as rive suggested.


How did you program your e-button on the panel for silent? I’d like to pretty much do that for police and ambulance. I don’t need the alarm going off if I need an ambulance. I have the Panic1-345 programmed for Silent Panic also.

Q16-18 in panel programming determine audible vs silent emergency keys.

Emergency panic cannot to my knowledge be set silent