Signalling issue with Alarm panel

Alarm system is not working, it will not disarm system and the alarm is going off every time I go into my house. When I hit the disarm button on the app, it continuously blinks and then comes up as error.

Happy to help! Looking into this, looks like this is a 2GIG panel and the signal strength on the account is wildly varied, with a few reports of high signal strength along with a great number of reports of extremely low and failed tests.

Typically this kind of activity indicates one of a couple things, but the first to check is the physical aspects of the module. Signaling has been very low for most of the reported history.

Power down your panel fully by unplugging the power supply from its receptacle, then open the panel and unplug the battery.

Check the antenna and ensure it is securely connected to the cell module. Make sure the cell module is firmly connected to the board and secured by its two set screws. You should remove and reseat the module while the system is powered down.

Also if the panel is mounted to the wall, double check behind the wall where the antenna is inserted for any high voltage wires nearby, the antenna should be kept at least a few inches away.

Leave the panel powered down for at least 2 minutes. The above troubleshooting should take longer than that anyway. But following these steps will troubleshoot quite a few possibilities.

When ready, plug the battery back in, then close the panel and plug in the power supply to power it back up. Wait five minutes and run a cell phone test. After that, you can test a couple remote arming commands. Any change?

My alarm has recently been experiencing a 10 minute delay before the monitoring center receives a signal. Also, the app will read that armed while the panel is disarmed.

Based on records and central station history, the alarm signal was sent by the panel and received by central station at roughly the same time. Central Station operators made first contact at about the 10 second mark after alarm was received.

Should the alarm have been generated about 10 minutes before signalling being sent by the panel, the intermittent signalling (mentioned above) likely had an effect in this case. Have you tried the troubleshooting steps outlined above?

I tested my alarm, it went off but then it took central station 7 minutes to call and I believe that there is something wrong with the panel. What should I do?

Happy to help!

Records indicate that your alarm panel generated an alarm signal at 4:36 pm which was then forwarded to central station operators. Operators reached out at 4:37 pm and made contact with the first contact listed. If the alarm was actually generated seven or so minutes prior to when central station received the signal this is indicative of signalling or carrier issues.

have you been able to run through any of the steps outlined above? What was the result?