Setting up Service with suretyDIY

I have an existing panel and would like to add service thru surediy. What is the entire process? Gold with central monitoring

Welcome to the suretyDIY Forum!

In order to better assist you, which panel type do you have?
Do you currently have a service provider and are looking to switch? In some cases, certain providers will not unlock your cellular module. You may need to speak to your service provider to find out for sure.

In order to set up service you need to have an unlocked 3G Cellular Module. In order to find out if your cellular module is usable with a new account use this check tool.

Once you have determined if your Cellular Module is eligible for service, simply determine the Service Package that best suits your needs and purchase it with, or without central station monitoring. Here is a link to the Gold Interactive Package You can use the drop down box on that page to add Central Station Monitoring to the Gold Interactive Package.

During the checkout process you will fill out a survey to collect all the pertinent information so our data entry team can get you set up for service.

Here you can read about General Policies and and Frequently Asked Questions.