Setting up a GC2 for family member

I am in the process of piecing together a small system (GC2, 3 door/window sensors, and 1 PIR) for a family member who lives far away from me. This person is not capable of programming the system themselves. I was thinking that I would program all of the sensors and functions myself at my location and then unplug the power supply/battery and then overnight the system to my family member. Once the system is at her location I have someone who is willing to do the install of the panel and sensors. Will the programming that I enter into the panel be erased if I unplug the power supply and battery for a couple of days? Is there anything else I should be worried about doing it this way?

No you should be fine handling it that way. Make sure you unplug the power supply and then the battery when you ship it to your family member. The lack of power will not cause it to “forget” the programming. Just make sure that the individual doing the setup knows to plug the battery in first and THEN the power supply.

If you are intending to use suretyDIY make sure the individual knows how to run a cell phone test on the panel and once the sensors are installed, test them to ensure that they are performing optimally.

Perfect. Thank you.

Happy to help :slight_smile: