Setting 2GIG panel for battery replacement


I’m at a point where I need to refresh the batteries in all my sensors. Is there a recommended procedure/mode for the 2GIG panel that will prevent it from alerting every time I open one of the sensors to remove the batteries?

The only important thing to do is call the central monitoring station first and have them put your account on test mode so they know not to worry about the tamper signals they’ll receive.

So there’s no “master bypass”-type procedure? 20+ tamper alarms aren’t really going to go over all that well with various members of the household.

If you dont want any troubles/panel noises sounding…

Option 1. Power down panel prior to battery replacement; OR

Option 2. Disable the panel sounder for 30min (via installer toolbox)

Other options that might work are disabling Q71 temporarily or just turning the volume down.

Q71 is control panel tamper…so I am not sure that will have the desired effect.

Q71 A tamper switch on the Control Panel detects if the case has been opened. The system can be programmed so that a tamper switch activation will cause a trouble indication if the system is disarmed, and an alarm if the system is armed.
To have the system ignore the Control Panel tamper switch, select (0) Disabled.

I’m not sure either. When I work on a system I either just deal with the beeping or I turn the volume down. Disabling the sounder sounds like the best option if it’s available.