Service Process

I have a Quolsys IQ Panel that used to be registered with Livewatch. What is the process to set it up with Surety? (ie “deregister it with Livewatch” or does that happen automatically? what info do you need from the panel?)

Thank you.

You will first need to be sure your panel is D registered with the previous company. After that, visit the link below and enter your serial number or IMEI number from your cellular module on to the check tool to see what its status is.

Panels are unregistered typically as soon as the associated account is cancelled.

Note that depending on the length of its inactivity, some older CDMA modules are completely deactivated by the carrier due to inactivity. You can check the status of the module at the link supplied by the prior user response.

If your panel is ready to go, you can simply purchase service on our website.