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Hi I have a whole house wired system that was disabled when I signed a trial with Vivint. I removed Vivint & now the whole system is dead. Can I use your products to augment my system or if not, can I get a system in Texas that offers 24/7 monitoring? If so, what is the cost to allow for home automation (ZWave locks, thermostats, etc) as well as security?

Yes, we offer DIY service in Texas. The service is month to month, no contracts, and our pricing and the features available for the offered packages are shown here. Frequently asked questions are available here. Since you have exisiting equipment, this page may be helpful in determining what you might need to get started. Do you know whether the panel you have is the 2GIG Go!Control Panel or the Sky Panel?

have a whole house wired system that was disabled when I signed a trial with Vivint. I removed Vivint & now the whole system is dead.

Sounds like he has an existing wired system, and no longer has the vivint system.

Is the “can” still there? And did Vivint install a TAKE?, if not, you will most likely need a TAKE and a new wireless panel (unless it is your intention to completely abandon the wired sensors).

I’m a little late, but I’ve had service going on 2 years and it’s the best alarm service I’ve had. If my alarm is triggered I literally get a call in seconds. Love it!

Thanks, Mike! We appreciate the kind words, and will continue to work hard to continue to deserve them!

OK - I am a little sporadic in my responses here. I would like to keep what I can in the way of hard wired sensors. I have a 4600 sq ft home & hate to start from scratch. I have wired fire/heat/CO detectors throughout the house (as well as door & windor sensors).

The problem is, I don’t have faith in the system, as I have had MULTIPLE false fire alarms. Our home burned down 5 years ago & so we rebuilt from scratch. Unfortunately, I had an idiot install the system. When we started having false alarms, I allowed Vivint to ‘take-over’ everything with their system. Unfortunately, their monthly fee was nearly $90 a month.

The expense & false alarms are draining on my family (as you can imagine) but I know we need to resolve. I have simply disconnected things until I can get it resolved.

I would like to pursue a whole house solution including automation of thermostats and some lighting. I have 4 kids all with smartphones so I know we have all the parts - just need the expertise, time & insight to make it a reality.

Final concern is not having a ‘traditional customer service department’ to trouble shoot & advise. But based on the associated fees, that may be acceptable option

Wired low voltage life safety devices cannot be reused with a 2GIG system. (CO, Smoke, Etc.) You would replace with wireless.

If you have interconnected smoke detectors that are on a house AC circuit, these could be used in conjunction with a Firefighter audio detector and the 2GIG panel.

Taking over and reusing an existing system can be daunting, but we are happy to provide instruction here.

If you have a number of wired security sensors there, this may be helpful.

There are a number of topics regarding taking over systems here with varying degrees of info in them. What specific questions do you have about the implementation?

When you had Vivint, did you have a 2GIG Go!Control Panel? Did they add wireless sensors? You would want to break it down based on what you have that you know works and what you would need to replace, then go from there.

Thanks Jason - Looks like I may have to go back to school but it will be worth it. I will let you know a full list of what I have tomorrow