Service availability with new system 2gig

Bought a 2gig systems from parts (ebay/Amazon).
I have attached a pic of the cellular side of things.
Question?? If I purchase service will I be getting a new SIM card to install into my system to allow it to work. There is a SIM card from who ever owned the att cellm module last.
I want to start service and was told by my brother who has a 2gig panel to try this site.

Any info would be helpful.

Other that that the system is up and running with lots of sensors but nothing automated yet because I was told that’s all available Thru app and I would need a service provider.

This page may be of use, as your are utilizing an existing system.

I checked the module number on our check page and it appears to be a 2G module, which can not be used for a new account with, so a new module will be needed. Depending on the current firmware you have, that may need to be updated in order to use a new module (the link above has additional helpful details on this.)