Sensors have been removed from panel

I still don’t have my sensors back on my panel. I think it’s because I don’t have the new transmitter on there to convert the GE sensors to Zwave. I installed the transmitter but it’s not showing up on the panel either. My panel did convert me back to the generic 1111 user password though.

Unfortunately, the restoral has failed and in this circumstance, sensors will need to be learned in manually.

It would appear that the panel was initially factory defaulted, doing so will default panel user code reverting to 1111. We do not recommend factory defaulting your panel unless as a last troubleshooting step to resolve issues.

Is the transmitter you are referring to the Resolution Products RE224GT? This product would be a translator that turns GE 319.5MHz signals into 2GIG 345MHz signals. It does not convert GE signals into Z-Wave. Installation instructions for the RE224GT can be found here.