Sensor Status Open When Closed

I am seeing an Open status on one of my window sensors which is indeed closed. I am able to set alarm to armed status with no problem. I have opened and closed the window and the status doesn’t seem to change. What can I do to try and clear up this issue?

Thanks in advance…

I’m not seeing any perimeter sensors with an open status nor am I seeing a sensor bypass.
Which sensor are you referring to and are you still seeing it as open? Also, if you know around what time/day the sensor was reporting open when not, that could help.

The sensor showing an Open status was “Master Front Window One”. It appears to be closed right now but definitely was not when I posted the original question…Time would have been around 7am.

How long did the sensor appear open for on the app? Did you attempt to refresh the app when you noticed the open sensor?

There is a delay in the reporting of like signals of about 3 minutes so the history only shows one instance of that sensor tripping as open/close. Has this issue happened before?

How old is this sensor and when was the last time you changed the batteries?

You can run a system test and trio that sensor to read its signal strength to ensure that it is communicating properly with the panel.

Was actually open for a few days. I attempted to refresh a couple of times, still showed up. Sensor is a couple years old with the original battery. I’ll try the system test…

Thanks for your assistance.

Do you know when the first instance of it being open (when it wasn’t actually open) was?

With the sensors age and still using the original battery, there is a good chance it is the battery.