Sensor solution for 3 season room

I am looking for advice on the best way to protect a 3 season room on the back of my house. The room is approx 15ft x 12ft square with a cathedral ceiling. Half of the room has sliding glass doors that meet in one corner (so is effectively 2 walls of glass). The other walls are predominantly closed/just wood. The corner of the room where the 2 glass sides meet is south facing so during the summer months the room can get pretty hot when closed up (I have seen 100f in there). Even open, when it is a warm day the temperatures get into the 90’s. I only moved in earlier this year so have not yet seen the winter temperatures in that room but being in New Hampshire I am expecting the room to get cold as it is not heated. We have some furniture in the room, a TV and music system, so I am trying to work out the best way to protect it given the constraints of the temperature variations. I don’t really want to have to put up 5 x door/window sensors but think this may be my only choice. Does anyone have any advice on dual tech motion detectors in this kind of environment (I can mount one facing away from the glass or even on the ceiling) or some kind of photoelectric beam that could go across the room/doors and detect an intruder? I need to stay wireless but know I can use one of the GE Wireless sensors with a reed switch to connect to a wired sensor if needs be.

Thoughts appreciated!

You mention GE, are you using a Qolsys panel?

GE is a bit more restricted than honeywell regarding outdoor wireless sensors, but a wired outdoor motion detector is always an option. Outdoor units will probably be a little better at false alarm prevention and will have the appropriate operating temp range but you will need to follow mounting instructions to the letter based on the model.

Hi Jason - yes apologies I am using a Qolsys panel. From what you said it seems an outdoor sensor could be a solution but can you advise any that would be compatible with the Qolsys panel? Thanks.

Forgot to add - I did see one range that I thought might work but would be grateful of your opinion. Link is


That model looks promising, a lot of customization. I do not see that on the official compatibility list. I doubt they have, but I will see if Qolsys has done any testing at all with that sensor.

Appreciated - thank you.