Sensor Questions

Two questions:

I have the Qolsys Panel:

Will these work for recessed door sensors? I thought most GE work on the Qolsys system.

Also, we have two dogs. One is about 45 lbs and the other 13 lbs. We already have motion sensors in the key rooms of our house. They both have dog crates. We plan on going on vacation and having the neighbors take the dogs out throughout the day and setting the alarm when leaving. How will motion sensors work with crated dogs? The reason I ask is because they do move around in their crates and move the crates move a little when they bump into the sides,…

Looks like those are the design line recessed DW contact. I believe they use the model number TX- instead of RF- now, so those might be older.

They should work though.

How will motion sensors work with crated dogs?

That will depend on the motion detector model.

What is the model number of the detectors? Do they offer pet immunity levels? A crated pet is far less likely to set off a motion detector with pet immunity. The problems you typically run into are when pets jump on furniture above the detectors’ height threshold.

So what is the difference from the above to this:

Besides the model number and length is there some improvement besides one being newer then the other?

I have the following:

60-807-95R x2 (boxes say Pet Immune)

The GE TX1510-01-1 is the specifically named compatible sensor. Qolsys may not have tested older sensors no longer in production.

I would typically recommend going with what is listed on the compatibility list. Any sensors you are looking at, double check against the attached list.

Supported-Security-RF-Sensors-319-1-1.pdf (131 KB)

Thanks for the info. After you install a recessed sensor can you paint over the ends to match your door/trim color?

You would want to refer to the product documentation. Typically you do not want to paint over them for a couple reasons: signal and warranty.

For a recessed sensor where you are only painting the end-cap, you’re probably fine, but check the warranty info on the sensor with the seller.