Sensor Left Open Energy Saver rule not restoring

When my Sensor Left Open Energy Saver rule shuts off my HVAC system after 5 minutes it’s not resuming the schedule when it should restore it. I changed from Frontpoint to Surety a few months ago and this rule was working properly when on Frontpoint. I have thermostats. Any ideas?

Looks like you have two such rules set up for two thermostats.

Looking at recent events, the Upstairs thermostat rule restored afterward, the downstairs did not.

Can you delete the downstairs rule?

After, edit the Upstairs rule, and select the checkbox next to Apply to all thermostats and save.

Any change?

I deleted the rule for the downstairs rule, then hit apply to all thermostats. Unfortunately no change. It’s not restoring the system.

One thing to note is once I select the Apply to all thermostats box it brings both rules back for each individual thermostat…

I should add that there is no way to actually delete these rules. There is just an option to disable them.

If you disable the upstairs rule, does the downstairs restore when it should?

If the downstairs as the only rule fails to restore, I would recommend deleting that Z-wave device from the system, then relearning it into the panel after about a 20 minute wait.

Set up fresh rules for that new node in ADC. Any change?