Sensor Issues

So i have looked at a few of the threads but cant seem to find the answer. I have 2 sensor issues.

So first off i have one motion sensor and 2 Picture Motion Sensors.

Well what i want

For the PIR because of my pets perhaps false alarming it i just want them when the system is armed in away mode to take a pic and then notify me on my phone that “hey its triggered”. I disabled the central reporting on the box. And i have a notificatioin send me when it gets triggered. BUT its sending it to me even if the alarm is disabled and it won’t send a pic :frowning:

How do i fix that?

In addition i am still trying to figure out how to update the name on i have it updated locally on the control panel but doesn’t seem to reflect.

Regular Motion Sensor

  • i want it ALWAYS on when the alarm is armed be it in away or stay mode. Reason being its in a storage closet off the garage. So even in stay mode no one should mess with it.


One of the default rules under image sensors in will provide images when the panel is armed away, but images will not be automatically uploaded. The images will be available on demand for you to upload, so it would just require logging in and checking them.

For the PIR, programming it as perimeter will keep it active in stay and away mode.

Sensor names often take a while to update if you change them in the panel. Running a cell phone test may push this through quicker, or you can always edit the name in via Security - Sensors.