Sensor History and EmPower Rules Troubleshooting

We currently waiting for our service to be discontinued with Vivint (what a hassle), but in the meantime, I have two issues I’m trying to resolve on my own (since it has been impossible to get anyone out here to fix their s@#$. Also, I’m becoming more and more familiar with the installer’s toolbox, so fire away). We recently had our GoControl Panel replaced. After it was replaced, two things stopped happening:

  1. The sensor opening/closing stopped appearing in the history log (even though all the sensors are checked for monitoring under security sensors, and all devices/all events are displayed in the log).

  2. All Automation Rules that were set up will not work. I’ve deleted them several times and set them up again and again, but to no avail. The lights will work when I turn them on and off from the app, but they will not turn on automatically from within the emPower/Rules.

So what do you think changed after the panel was replaced? And what tweaks do I have to make to fix these two problems?

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How long ago was the panel replaced? I’ve never seen the issues you’re describing, but after talking to an agent, these are the options we have at the moment. However, since you’re not currently a customer of ours, I wasn’t able to get too much information from

It’s possible that when they did the replacement of the panel/module, some of the commands did not process correctly when the panel booted up. This may be corrected by having send a hard reset command to the communication module on the panel. Once the panel boots back up you can attempt to resend the automation rules to the panel as well as activating the sensor activity monitoring for the sensors in question again.

Alternatively, you can try power cycling the panel and seeing if that corrects the issue.

In order to power cycle the panel, unplug the backup battery from the panel, unplug the power supply, wait 10 seconds, plug the backup battery back in, then plug the power supply in. After doing that, wait for the communication module to register and run a cell phone test.

Below are just suggestions that I have off the top of my head.

  • Do you know what kind of communication module was installed in the new GoControl Panel when it was replaced?
  • What is the currently network signal of you panel?

I’m just wondering if the issue is with the signaling of your panel where certain commands/rules are not being properly downloaded to your panel as the result of spotty signal strength.

Additionally, it may be worth running a network rediscovery on your Zwave network in case the technician who replaced your panel did not do that when he re-added all of your Zwave devices.