Security Cameras?

Do most of you use the cameras or do you use a separate system? Why?

I just helped my buddy install a qolsys panel (no cameras) and I’m in the design phase myself. I’m trying to figure out the advantages \ disadvantages of using cams. I’m currently messing around with some netgear arlo cameras now.


Well, advantages include:

Easy Setup.
Easy integration with your alarm system and sensors for clip recording triggers.
VMD detection or I/O terminals to connect a motion detector.
Easy notification when clips are generated.
Cloud storage and processing means you can be anywhere and get access to clips.
Cloud storage also means whatever happens locally, if clips have been taken, they can be accessed.
You do not need to adjust network settings or open your firewall for remote access.
Should you need 24 hour recording, the SVR is available.
One app/web service for access to all security and video functions.

I’ve been considering this as well. Can you view the camera from the panel or only from a phone or computer?

The video is visible from the app and online, but not on the panel currently.