security camera catchs UPS guy stealing packages /UPS to increase rates again

Not only is UPS planning to further increase the rates again in 2015, and add a new surcharge for residential deliveries, but their guys like to steal packages too…caught by security cam…

UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney said on a conference call that the company would apply surcharges for residential packages in particular. The additional charges will be applied over several years as contracts with major customers are renegotiated.

“These pricing strategies will be designed to ensure we are properly compensated for the value we provide,” Abney said.

This is close to two of the reasons that I put cameras in.

#1 - neighbor had package delivered that was clearly opened. Their camera showed neighborhood kids took package, went around side of house, opened it, and returned it.

#2 - UPS claimed to have delivered a package to our house. It was critical to get this package the day it was delivered. Using neighbors camera, we found UPS had never stopped at our house but had passed by. Went 5 houses down and package was on doorstep of a house for sale. House numbers had nothing in common with our house.