Secondary Chimes

We are looking to replicate the door chimes and other functions throughout the premises.

We have the Unitech Siren from Lowes which I’ll be installing, but am I right that only adds sirens and doesn’t add chimes?

If so, would it be good for me to get another TS1 for where I want chimes to be heard?

The TS1 is your best bet if you want to replicate the chime sounds of your panel. The RE116-U universal siren uses the panel’s open collector programming which you can set to follow chimes, but the sound it produces is a siren warble.

Thanks, got a TS1 and the use case works. :smiley: The other siren is great just to reproduce the siren.

Do I need to do anything with the Siren you mentioned? I added it to my ZWave devices following their instructions and didn’t see anything else. Does it automatically act when the siren is set off and does it also have the 4 minute siren timeout?

For the RE116-U, the siren would follow whatever programming you set for the open collector. You could set it to follow chimes, or follow specific alarms, or all alarms.

Zwave sirens should directly follow the internal siren for alarms.