Second Garage Door

I purchased a 2nd garage door sensor with the MyQ Universal Garage door opener.

I got my first one set up fine and it works great. I haven’t attempted to set up the 2nd one because I am starting to learn the product works a little different than what I assumed. :slight_smile:

So essentially, the door sensor just sends a signal that the door is closed or not and the main base is what sends out the signal.

I am coming across three problems:

  1. I have two garage doors which should be an issue but my second garage door is on the complete other side of the house and in the back of the house. So I don’t think the main base will work that far. Will I need to order a 2nd main base? If so, I probably wont because I really don’t care about having automation to this garage door anyway but I thought for an extra $30 Door Sensor then I wouldn’t have minded.

  2. Even if the 2nd garage door was within range I am not sure how to set it up or where to start. I was thinking of just replacing the “Button 1” with “Button 2” in the instructions and that might help me get starts but I am still having concerns about the range

  3. ADC issue - ADC shows that I have two garage doors but I haven’t even attempted to set up a second so it just shows “Malfunction” next to it. Any idea how to get that removed from my ADC account?


  1. Correct, you would need a second MyQ Garage hub at that distance. The hub supports 2 garage door openers but the idea is they are 2 doors in the same garage. The door sensors are short range transmitters.
  2. The setup is the same as for the first garage door, you just add another garage door opener the existing gateway/hub. They would show up as 2 separate garage doors on It doesn't matter for you though because of the range issue you mentioned above.
  3. We can delete that for you. Done.