Seamless transition to Surety

Good morning, I am planning to change providers on or before June 10th from Alarm Grid to Surety because it’s both more affordable and has significantly more competent tech support for the IQ panel.

I do not want any gaps in coverage or to find out I have to go through some Byzantine process to change registration after canceling services from Alarm Grid. So, how do i go about doing this? Thanks in advance.

Happy to help! Which panel do you have? Only an unregistered 2/2+ or 4 can be used, the IQ Gen 1 only has a 3G module built in which is no longer usable to create a new account.

You can start service with Surety in one of two ways, transfer your current account to us, or create a new one.

More information on transferring your account can be found here. Not all service providers support account transfers, you will want to find out from your current service provider if they will support it. If they do, follow the steps in the previous link. Transferring will allow you to keep your current account settings (rules, scenes, notifications, etc.).

If transfer is not possible, then signing up for service through Surety would result in a new account.

You would need your current service provider to unregister the module (typically done during the account cancellation process).

When transfer is not possible, you can purchase a new service plan to get started. Plan pricing and features can be found here. As service is offered on a month to month basis, plans can be changed at any time. Once the module is unregistered, it takes about 5 minutes to go from plan purchase to creating the new account and getting the panel connected. Account setup is done through the Surety website (via System Manager tab in your Surety account).

I have an IQ4. As far as transferring, I honestly do not care if I have to setup a new account.

So, just contact my current provider, ask them to cancel and unregister my panel? The I can contact Surety and have a new account online same day?

Activation is performed on our website.

When your account through your provider is cancelled your panel will be immediately available for activation.

Purchase your chosen plan, follow the steps to activate, then you can fine-tune your monitoring account details and any add-ons or optional features in the system manager. Can take as little as 5-10 minutes if you are at your system and ready.

Get started here:

Plans are a bit confusing, which would I need for a system using image sensors and basic z wave automation?

Surety Home would likely be the best fit as it incorporates Z-Wave device automation and images for alarm events and the ability to capture images triggered by different non-alarm events.

More information on Image sensor functionality with each service plan can be found here:

Service plans can be altered at any time after account setup.

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