schedules don't seem to be apply to T2000

I messed around with it a bit and it doesn’t seem like the schedules are applying. I’m running the latest firmware on the GC3.


It looks like the thermostat is following the target temp set in the schedule. When did you originally set the schedule? Are you saying it is not changing the set point when it is stated in the schedule? Or is it changing to a different value?

Last night it should of switched over to 62 for the set point at 1000pm which it did not. This morning it should of set the temp to 70 at 630am which it did not. I set the temp to 70 today manually.

Have you resent the schedules since updating the firmware? At this time, make an edit to the schedule and re-save it to re-send the schedule back to the tstat.

I actually got the T2000 after the firmware update. How do you send the schedule to the tstat? Just make a change and hit save?


The schedules are applying properly now. I’m not sure exactly why. I did change my Verizon network extender from open access to restricted and white listed the panel’s cell number so maybe that did it. Anyways all is good.