Scheduled User Lock access

How do scheduled users’ codes for zwave locks get activated or turned off when scheduled in the user settings? Does the back-end send the code to the lock through the panel at the scheduled time or does it come from the panel at the time?
I noticed that my normal users codes still work, but my scheduled user did not have proper access today. I tried turning off access to the locks and back on in the settings and it did nothing. I am going to try to change the code and see if that works later. Is there any way to know why it didn’t work?

On a separate note, can you send a refresh for the weather for my panel, it says null for location.

Rules are saved at the panel and operated locally whenever possible, as this provides the most reliability and removes latency in activation.

In this case it looks like there are some general syncing concerns with the user I believe you are referencing.

As a test, can you create two separate timed-access users for this individual? One that just gives access to locks, and one that just gives access to the panel? Check access capability tomorrow. I have a hunch that the lock access will work but panel access might not. It looks like this may be an issue with the user code slot between the panel and the lock.

You can use four digits for the panel code and up to 8 for the lock codes.

We’ve resent the panel location/weather data.

I am trying to add the 2 distinct users, but when I try to reenter the code for lock access it says code already in use. I reduced the panel code user to 4 digits and tried to make the lock code 6 and it still says in use.

Yes, sorry, to clarify, for the test you would need to use two distinct codes. The first four digits will need to be different. This is only a temporary test. We just want to see if there is an issue when only lock access or only panel access is selected.

I made only a lock scheduled user, and the code is not working.

I will say this is something that only just happened sometime between it working Friday and trying again on Monday and it not working and I don’t think it has ever happened before.

It looks like the codes for the test user are still marked as pending, meaning ADC has received no confirmation from the panel that these were applied.

Login to and click on users. Scroll to your test user. Next to “All Locks” there is a symbol of two arrows. Hover over for a description, and you can click that icon to resend the codes.

Actually I was adding another test user, so you probably saw the second test user being added. The scheduled user I was testing did not have the arrow symbol.

Ah, try adding one and let us know whether or not functionality is there, but leave the user as is after creation for now. There are a few things we can check to verify it is syncing properly and there isn’t a mismatch in user slots.

It is possible this is simply a communication concern with the panel to lock, or possibly a borderline low battery causing performance hiccups.

The scheduled users still do not work. I added a few users and none of the codes worked during the scheduled times. I added a new all the time lock user and it was fine, so I believe something must have changed with the way scheduled users are being processed either by the panel or in the last few days.

I don’t think it is a communication issue between lock and panel since the new all times user worked immediately.

Edit: I am not adding a panel user during this testing.

Alright thank you for testing, that should be a good chunk for ADC to look at in history.

There have been other bugs with scheduled access users, if I recall mostly when locks are added, where the username will resync overnight due to what appears to be a user slot mismatch between the lock at the panel (the panel setting the code as slot 8 and the lock as slot 9 for example.)

We will work with ADC on this today and report findings.

So, the scheduled users seem to be working again for the test user and another use I had during a test today.

I switched another scheduled user previously to all time user since the scheduled users were not working and that worked to allow access and the code started working. I logged in today and am seeing the locks are now showing “failed update” on the locks on that user changed to all time, even though the code was working previously and is still working.

Did ADC do anything on my account? Was there a problem with the user slots? I’m wondering why now the user shows “failed update” after already being set, but the codes still work.

Nothing was done on the account, just checked through the history.

This actually validates a hunch regarding the codes you were testing. It looks like the scheduled user you were creating had access for 24 hours a day a few days a week, with the first access period starting before the time the code was sent.

This method of creation will not work for testing because in order for the code to be sent and activated at the panel, the trigger time actually has to elapse.

In other words, if you want to test a code with timed access, you would want to create a new code where access begins shortly ahead of when you create the code. If you create the code at 5:30 PM, set the code to have access starting at 6:00 PM, etc.

I logged in today and am seeing the locks are now showing “failed update” on the locks on that user changed to all time, even though the code was working previously and is still working.

ADC may not have received acknowledgement from the lock after codes were sent. Sending an All Times code will immediately activate it at the panel for use. Was the code itself changed? Or just the access time?