Schedule/Rule Conflict

Hi, I’ve been having an issue where my thermostat schedule and lighting rules cannot co-exist.

When I set the schedule for the thermostat on, it works and continues to work, but my light schedule stops working. Vice versa… if I go to my lighting rules and save them, they begin to work, but my thermostat gets stuck at the temp setting that is was when I saved the lighting rules. Very strange. I’ve been monitoring the pattern for about a week now and its consistently followed this pattern.

Also, my lighting module always turns on at Midnight sharp regardless of what I do, though I don’t have this in any rule.

My thermostat is the 2GIG CT30e programmable thermostat and the lighting module is a ZW4101 appliance module. There are no other Zwave devices in my system at this time.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

We’re currently trying to resolve a z-wave rule/schedule issue that’s recently appeared and has been affecting many customers. I think you are experiencing that same problem. It’s been a tough problem to resolve because we haven’t been able to consistently reproduce it but this issue has been escalated to the top. I’m having your account looked into as part of this issue. We’ll be in touch shortly.